Betmanowska Hall

Amazing place where you will feel like a king and queen ...

Betmanowska is the historical name of a historic building located in the Market Square in Cracow at number 44.
Its present appearance is due reconstruction of 1,834 years. Until then, standing in the place of two separate buildings (Be³zowska and Betmańska), whose origins date back to the turn of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. During the reconstruction was established classical attic imagining Hermes - the steamer and sailing ship in the background that are considered modern allegories trade, while much earlier established a relief visible above ground depicting severed head of John the Baptist on a platter and complex guarded by a pair of angels, from which works were also called the tenement "Under beheaded."

The building, which before the merger was on the left side, it was family owned Be³zów. From the windows of the house, on June 12 , 1583 royal pair Stefan Batory and Anna the Jagiellonian viewed show of chivalry and performances by artists during the wedding festivities for children and how hetman Jan Zamoyski organized on the main square after marriage to Griselda Batorówn¹, niece of the king. These celebrations were defined by historians as the most sumptuous wedding in Polish history.

In this unique place we created for you a beautiful and spacious guest suites, from which peering through the windows, you will see the largest and considered the world's most beautiful medieval market with Renaissance Cloth Hall and the Gothic St. Mary's Church, from the tower of the resounds more than seven centuries, the same bugle call.

Betmanowska Main Square Residence is a place where modernity with history create harmony. Unusual interior, practical and comfortable, stylish and comfortable furnishings, modern advances in technology make that you will feel like a king and queen every night and every day!

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